Our Staff

Clients are the primary focus at Tavenner & Beran, PLC. Each member of our staff is carefully selected to provide the optimal support to our clients and co-counsel. They are prepared to address any issue that may arise—regardless of size or complexity.

Sally DiGiorgio


David Leadbeater

David Leadbeater is the primary paralegal for corporate restructuring. When not assisting the Tavenner & Beran team, David loves spending time with his family and attending his cousins' numerous sporting events. David also enjoys training in various Mixed Martial Arts disciplines.

Jan Snyder

Paralegal Jan Snyder specializes in assisting Ms. Tavenner with her Chapter 7 Trustee cases. When not assisting the Tavenner & Beran team, Jan enjoys playing the flute.  Jan also loves scrapbooking with her friends.

Sarah Tavenner

Sarah Tavenner assists with Ms. Tavenner's Chapter 7 Trustee cases and is a general assistant for the Tavenner & Beran team. When not assisting the Tavenner & Beran team, Sarah enjoys reading and traveling as much as possible. Sarah also enjoys spending time at Lake Gaston swimming, jet skiing and tubing.

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